a l e r t

Adaptable Leading-Edge Reliability Techniques

IIoT-Enabled Asset Reliability Solution

Maximize reliability. Minimize cost.

Between unexpected downtime, compromised product quality, machinery replacement, and dangerous workplace conditions, equipment failure can potentially come at immense cost.

ALERT is a cloud-based application which continuously monitors critical assets and uses rule-based, cause/effect-driven diagnostics and Motor Current Signature Analysis (MCSA) to detect abnormal system behaviors. It recognizes machine failure at the incipient stage and provides companies with safe, timely, and accurate countermeasures.


Asset Reliability Management Strategies

MCARTech fundamentally believes that reliable asset performance starts with disciplined maintenance organization and practices. Our team of engineers use their combined 150+ years of industry experience to help companies develop these foundational Asset Reliability Management Strategies (ARMS) to assess every individual plant’s unique risk factors and operational requirements. ARMS works in tandem with ALERT to provide optimal performance and safety.